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Affordable Packages

Customers who want to list their space for rent can choose Rs.2999 or Rs.4999 per year. This is merely Rs.8 and Rs 14 per day to list their space for whole 1 year.

Broad Categories

Target market includes, offices, meeting rooms, shoot locations, event spaces, shops, studio, warehouse & commercial kitchens. Options are practically limitless.

365 Day Cookie

Earn commission for each new customer you refer. Your unique tracking link will be valid for 365 days. Anyone clicking to your post or blog within 30 days will earn you a commission.

Unique Offerings

SharedSpace is Pakistan's first unique spaces available for rent platform. This gives you a unique topic for your blog, social media post or youtube video to talk about.

Real-time Tracking

Track all your traffic, referrals, and payouts with a personalized dashboard. How your links are performing. You can login in and check all these parameters once your affiliate account is approved.

Monthly Payouts

Get paid each month for every new customer you refer. You can get your monthly payments either in your PayPal account or your designated bank account.

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SharedSpace opens doors to rentable spaces for business, meetings, co-working, events, film shooting, creativity, storage, retail, food businesses, and productions. Discover unique spaces in cities around Pakistan, from photo studios and meeting rooms, to drama/film shoot locations, private parties, podcast studios, fitness studios, seminars, live music, fashion shows and commercial kitchens. Your options with your empty space are practically limitless.
SharedSpace’s affiliate program is free to join for anybody that has at least one demonstrated channel and audience that is aligned with SharedSpace’s brand. Channels include: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook groups, blogs, Pinterest, Twitter followers, or email newsletters. All affiliates must create an account with SharedSpace for approvval first.

SharedSpace affiliates earn 50% of revenue for each new customer that starts their paid package. Each affiliate creates a custom account through SharedSpace that tracks their referrals in real time. Referrals have 365 days from using your link to sign up for a SharedSpace paid package purchase in order to qualify for the commission.

Affiliates will receive payouts 30 days after the end of the month in which they are locked. Payments are made through their preferred payment specified in their signup.

Who can I promote SharedSpace to?

Glad that you asked. Here are all the space categories SharedSpace is catering to.

Office Space

Companies are unlocking extra office space by embracing new ways of working and now they want to know what they should do with their extra office space. Boost your income by renting out unused and under-utilized commercial spaces around your office. Whether it be your shared office, a coworking space, hot desks or virtual desks. If you’re a coworking space business in Pakistan you can list your space listings with SharedSpace.

Shoot Location

Drama and film producers in Pakistan always looking for unique new and interesting locations. You can list your houses, apartments, a kothi, heritage house, farmhouse to shoot their production. Large & small ad agencies always looking for spaces to shoot their commercials. Vloggers looking for new content and subject and can utilize your unique space.
shoot location space pakistan

Shop Space

You can rent out a portion of your store to other retailers or businesses and earn a extra money by having your empty retail space shared. You can always list your vacant retail space whether it be a beauty parlour, hair salon, bakery, garment shop, road facing shop, a shop in the mall, a shop in the shopping centre, a kiosk, or a street cart. With SharedSpace, you can maximizing the value of our underutilized retail space.

shop space pakistan

Studio Space

If you own a studio chances are you have a great space that is currently being underutilized. With SharedSpace, you can start earning a passive income by renting out your podcast studio, dance studio, photoshoot studio, art studio and fitness studio when you aren’t using it. Bringing in new people who might not have heard of your studio before is an excellent way to spread your name and gain some more exposure for your studio space.

podcast studio space pakistan

Event Space

Wondering how to make money off your event space for social occasions and entertainment? Believe us: it’s not impossible! You can list your farmhouse for picnics or wedding functions, a floor for dance parties, a large lawn for baby showers, birthdays, a school ground for galas and festivals and large halls for exhibitions. There are plenty of creative ways to earn money off of your event space that doesn’t involve potential inconveniences.

live music parties pakistan-2

Warehouse Space

If you own an empty warehouse, you can use this empty warehouse or godown space to make money every month. Consider renting out your warehouse to retailers who need extra space for their excess inventory. Your options with your empty space are practically limitless. You can share your warehouse or godown space for pallet or sack (بوری) storages. Share your warehouse space to businesses who can use it for distribution purposes. Pick, pack & ship space for online ecommerce stores. You could also rent your warehouses out to people who manufacture products or handcraft furniture! In this way, they can use your warehouse as their workshop

godown spaces warehouse

Meeting Space

As a coworking space business running in Pakistan you can list your boardrooms, meeting rooms, seminar spaces, meetup spaces, workshops and training spaces. For individuals who own offices can share above types of spaces and get the most out of their space by connecting them directly to people looking to rent it. 

meeting room space

Commercial Kitchen

With the strong growth of food and hospitality industry businesses, we’re seeing a dramatic increase in demand for commercial kitchens. Shared commercial kitchen spaces and food incubators have become a growing force in an era when more entrepreneurial foodies are turning their food and beverage specialties into businesses selling direct-to-consumers, via food delivery platforms retail and foodservice outlets. If you own a space that can be utilized for food production or already have an established commercial kitchen which is not utilized in some part of the day you can share to maximize your income.

commercial kitchen shared space
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