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Connecting Pakistanis with unique spaces to work, meet or create. Join Pakistan’s marketplace for shared & coworking space.

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Introducing SharedSpace Pakistan: The Ultimate Destination for Rentable Spaces!

Are you searching for the perfect space to host your business meetings, events, or film shootings? Look no further, because SharedSpace Pakistan has got you covered. We offer a vast network of unique spaces for rent, including photo studios, meeting rooms, event spaces, creative spaces, retail spaces, and even commercial kitchens. The possibilities are endless with SharedSpace!

With our platform, space seekers can find the perfect location for their professional and creative activities, while space listers can earn extra income by renting out their unused spaces.

Join the SharedSpace community today and discover the benefits of renting and listing spaces. Whether you’re in need of a hot desk, dedicated office, art studio, warehouse for storage, or a commercial kitchen, we have it all. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to list your space or find the perfect space for your needs.

Get to know us

What do we do?

At SharedSpace, we connect people with unique spaces to work, meet, create, sell, and celebrate. Whether you’re a business owner, artist, filmmaker, or entrepreneur, our platform caters to all your space needs.

Shoot Locations for Dramas/Films

Attention Property Owners! Transform your ordinary living space into an in-demand film and drama location. Rent out your apartments, houses, farmhouses, huts, holiday homes, and guest houses to drama and film producers in search of unique and captivating locations. Maximize your income with SharedSpace and open your doors to the world of cinema and drama. Join the revolution and start making the most of your property today!

Coworking Spaces

Attract more customers to your coworking space! Stand out from the competition and reach a broader market by showcasing your private offices, hot desks, flex desks, meeting rooms, and private rooms on SharedSpace. Be discovered by the growing number of professionals searching for the perfect coworking space near them. Boost your occupancy and grow your business with ease.

Wedding and party venues

Attention all party and celebration planners! Search no more! Whether you’re looking for a chic rooftop venue or a stunning garden setting, we’ve got you covered! List your stunning hotel, grand banquet hall, or even your own private property on our platform and become the go-to destination for all things parties and celebrations. Get your venue in front of the right people now!

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What's in there for you?

Transform your underutilized space into a profitable venture with the shared space business model. Whether it’s a podcast studio, dance studio, photoshoot studio, beauty parlour, warehouse, event space, commercial kitchen, co-working facility, or any other type of space, there’s an opportunity to make money while boosting visibility and exposure for your business. Embrace the power of community by sharing your space with other businesses and entrepreneurs, creating a sustainable income stream and a mutually beneficial relationship. Don’t let your space go to waste – take the first step towards maximizing its potential today!

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About Us

Connecting people and space

We help businesses monetize their unused space by connecting them directly with people looking for shared spaces and coworking spaces in Pakistan. Our mission is to unlock the potential of spaces that can be shared and to create revenue opportunities for people with underutilized space.

Get your listing published and bring your space out in Pakistan where people looking for a space like yours can hire for short or long term for rent.

Press Inquiries

Unleash the power of storytelling with our press team – journalist collaboration at its finest! Let’s make headlines together. Media representatives, reach out to us today and get connected with the right team or simply send us a message.

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